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October 19, 2011 by  

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You love your iPad to bits but can’t stand the thought of it getting dirty or of being in harm’s way. Well, what do you do then? Turn it into a fridge magnet, of course! If you think that I am trying to pull one over you, think again because I am perfectly serious. The Fridgepad will encase your iPad in an aluminium covering and securely hold it while you affix it to your refrigerator. Seriously, there is no fuss and you know that your iPad will be safe there because of the strong magnet that holds it together.

Why would you want one of these things? Well, for starters, I believe that the kitchen is no place for an iPad. After all, it is greasy and you might be apt to get stains on it! So what better way to keep your iPad out of harm’s way yet still close enough for you to use it than by converting it into a giant fridge magnet? It really is extremely simple. That way, you can still check out recipes, have a look at your Facebook status and do loads on your iPad in the comfort of your kitchen!

Additionally, the iPad gadget magnet is really super strong so even if your children accidentally slam the door of the fridge, you will find that your iPad fridge magnet is still securely affixed on to it. You will still be able to access all buttons on your iPad without the fear of having it dirty or dropping off. At $49.99, this is one of the better iPad accessories that you could find.

Available: Thinkgeek

Price: $49.99


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