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iKamasutra App – Spice Up Your Love Life

June 27, 2011 by  

Mint Gadgets > Cell phone Gadgets > Android Apps > iKamasutra App – Spice Up Your Love Life

iKamasutra App         


iKamasutra is an app that used to be available only in iOS platform but now it is also available in Android devices. The app for both men and women that wants to know the latest and shocking sex positions could make them more intimate.

So, what is iKamasutra app? This app gives users access to different sex position, and if you are familiar with the famous book Kama Sutra then you know that this is the virtual version of it. The iKamasutra is unlike other apps as this pertains to the other side of man.

iKamasutra helps couples grow together and be even closer with one another. In fact, it does more than just interest a person to sex but also helps the sexual life of married couples becomes even more exciting and definitely passionate, sometimes even more passionate than the first time they made love.

The iKamasutra app gives users detailed instructions that are also easy to follow and enjoyable. The hundreds of sex positions accompanied by soothing music could even inspire a person or excite them to make love, and the main reason why the app could greatly help improve the sexual life of couples.

For those those have been married for a long time and need to spice their love life up by trying different sex position as highlighted in the iKamatsura. In addition, the app is easy to use as one just had to scroll to view the categories, leaving you with ample selections.

The iKamatsura can bring you more than just sex positions that make people even more intimate but also increase the sexual experience of anyone that uses it. If you are the shy type and don’t want to buy the book just download it. Nobody can tell that you have downloaded the app as you can password protect your mobile phone.

So, the next time you want to be even more intimate with your partner, why not consider the sex positions available in the iKamasutra app.


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