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SnaPanda App – The Digital Dictionary

July 19, 2011 by  
Filed under Android Apps

SnaPanda App  The Digital Dictionary


SnaPanda app is a digital dictionary for Android devices, a necessity for students, professor and anyone that wants to have an English dictionary on hand anytime. If you are learning the English language then this is the app to download.

Android phone owners now have a chance to learn and master the English words wherever they are and anytime they feel like it. In fact, if you are stuck in traffic or on a long road trip the SnaPanda is the solution to take boredom away. This is not only a great app to help you in your wait, but can improve your knowledge tremendously as well.

The app is OCR type of application, and enables anyone to capture the English word written on a document easily. Just one touch and you will have the chosen word display on your mobile screen, followed by the definition. That is how easy it is to know the meaning of a particular English word, which makes this app a great tool for those learning the language for the first time.

The SnaPanda is an effective Android app but there are things that you must avoid to make certain that it is accurate and could perform accordingly. For one, any oblique or slant capture can inhibit the OCR, italic and non-standard fonts are still difficult for the OCR to recognize. Your hand must be steady when capturing the words and the spacing of the letters must also be captured to ensure that the app can read the word.

Smartphone or Android device users can easily download this app for free at the android market or by visiting its website. The app is worth a space on your memory, as you can enhance your word power and even find it useful on many occasions. If you are not native English speaker then it is imperative to have this app on your mobile phone.

[Source: Android Market]

Bank of America App

July 18, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

Bank of America App   Bank of America App


The Bank of America iPhone app is the perfect solution for busy people who consider going to the bank a hassle. These days, you do not have to wait in-line or wait for your turn to pay bills as mobile banking makes paying easier by one of the most respected bank in United States.

Online banking paved the way for developer to make banking even more convenient by creating app to allow mobile phone users to do their banking while on the go. After all, it is far more easier to just pull out your phone and tap on the app to pay for your bills than getting out your laptop while you are on a bus or somewhere enjoying the day.

The Bank of America app offers a new way for their customers to pay their bills, check balance, transfer and even locate banking centers and ATMs. The app allows you to do your transaction conveniently, free and fast. You see, this iPhone app is free and available for download in iTunes and so if you have an account with Bank of America as well as own an iPhone then consider this a worthwhile addition, you will never know when you will need to make a transaction badly while you are stuck in traffic.

Keep in mind, the mobile banking offered by Bank of America has the same security features as the one find in the internet. So, that means, you get the same assurance as the one find online so there is no reason to be wary as personal information cannot be access by anyone without the necessary password.

The mobile app also protected with the same advance encryption technology that other banks use, so even if you misplaced your mobile phone there is nothing to worry about as you get the protection you deserve.

[Source: iTunes]

YouTube App

July 18, 2011 by  
Filed under Miscellaneous Gadgets

YouTube App


YouTube is a popular video site on the internet, a website that has created superstar like Justin Bieber. If you are a fan of YouTube and love watching videos or uploading one then why not consider having it on your mobile phone.

If you love to watch video or want to upload one anytime you want then know that there is an app these days that could let you just do what you always like to do, as YouTube created an app for mobile phone users. That is right! iPhone and Android device users can now download a mobile version of the popular video site.

The YouTube app offers amazing UI design, homescreen video that can be personalize, player controls and full screen playback. You can also read the comments on other people while watching the video, and even post your own comments using the app on your mobile phone.

In addition, the YouTube app also allows you to see newly released videos on the screen, when you subscribed. There is also a feature that let you add category in the browse section. By the way, the app works the same way as the one in the internet and when you upload your video using your mobile phone you can see it appear immediately on and mobile site.

Furthermore, browsing through millions of YouTube videos are easy even if you use a mobile phone, as the search feature makes it very simple to locate a specific video you want to watch. If you have an existing YouTube account, you can login as well and access your account even with just using the app.

When it comes to quality of the video, there is no issue as you get the same high quality videos that you usually get from even if you use the YouTube app. So, why not consider downloading this great app and so you can always access your account anywhere you are and anytime you want.

Angry Dooby App

July 18, 2011 by  
Filed under Android Apps

Angry Dooby App


Playing games on mobile phones is common to many people these days, so it is not surprising to know that there are many game apps available for download. If you are one of the many people that consider game apps as a necessity then know that, you have tons of games to consider anytime you want a new game on your phone.

The Angry Dooby is a great game app created for Android devices. The game is exciting to play and definitely captivating, so once you get started it will be hard to put down your mobile phone. In fact, playing this game almost knock off my battery as the game is just too good,

Angry Dooby app is game that is completely different from what you usually play on arcades, as this game based on my personal experience is truly enjoyable and so you can expect to enjoy it as well with zest. In fact, I truly believe that you will love this game app just as much as I have enjoyed it.

You see, the game is about creating cute and charming doobies and so if you love creating characters then your creativity will certainly show on the angry doobies you will create. Take note, creating doobies does not mean it is just for kids as even adults find it amusing, which makes the game for all ages.

The one thing that makes this an addictive game is the fact that there is a game update, which means you must level up to win. The game allows you to create doobies for you to start getting a rating of 3 stars and most of all you can beat your own high record if you want over and over again.

The Angry Dooby is definitely a stress busting Android app, and available for only $0.99 on android market.

[Source: Android Market]

American Express App

July 17, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

American Express App  American Express App


If you take advantage of online banking then you will surely appreciate the American Express app. The combine power of online banking and mobile phones makes banking even simpler and hassle free.

The American Express app makes it even more advantageous and convenient to do banking, pay bills, check balance and manage accounts while mobile. In fact, the app definitely brings a new meaning to the word “convenient” for American express cardholders, as the app makes everything possible.

So, what makes the American Express app great to use? For one, this iPhone app allows you to pay the bill using your iPhone, let you check the balance, view your previous and most recent transactions. You can even manage effectively your accounts if you have multiple cards.

Furthermore, the app can also help you track your membership rewards points as long as you have enrolled your account first of course. Since it is a banking matters, using your iPhone does not posed any risk as the app transactions require a User ID as well as Password, the same one you use on the website.

Take note, the app is available for download to any iPhone devices, but not everyone can use it as only those American express card issued for consumer, business, and corporate cards directly issued from the United States are eligible. In other words, if you are an American express cardholder but not issued in the U.S then you cannot use the app.

The American Express app can be use if you own an Amex green, gold, platinum and centurion card. In addition, The Amex One, Plum Card, Optima, Blue Amex and Zync Amex holders can also benefit from the app. If you want to know if your Amex card is eligible to use with the app, you can visit iTunes for the complete details or visit the American Express website.

[Source: iTunes]