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Diagnose the Disease Game App

September 21, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

Diagnose the Disease Game App Medical students, nurses, physicians and medical enthusiasts’ can keep their knowledge accurate by playing a game, a much better way to study and stay on top of the medical business.

The Diagnose the Disease Game app offer a fun, interactive and educational way to learn. The game app is not just fun to play but also very helpful in honing your skills in diagnosing diseases known to man. You can consider the app, as a medical tool as well, not just another game app.

If you are a medical student, who sometimes find the books boring then you can play the game and challenge yourself by identifying the different diseases as seen on the images provided by the app. Yes! The app will show images of the different diseases medically known and in order to win the game you must identify them as they are revealed.

For nurses on night shift duty, the quiet night after rounds will no longer be a problem as you can play a game that will surely keep you wide-awake and also updated. In fact, you will not just play a game with this app but will also test your skill as a nurse by identify the diseases.

Physician, whether practicing or not can still benefit from the app. Think about it! A game that challenges your knowledge, test your skill as a doctor is definitely worth downloading. After all, anything that makes diagnosing fun and exciting deserves a space on your mobile memory bank.

The game app will base your score on accuracy and speed. You can submit your score after the game and compete with other clinicians playing the game as well.

The Diagnose the Disease Game app is the perfect game for physician, medical students and nurses. So, download it now, and start honing your skills and see if you can beat the top player across the country.


Diagnose the Disease Game App Screenshots

Diagnose the Disease Game App

Diagnose the Disease Game App

Walmart App

September 21, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

Walmart App


Walmart is one of largest U.S public corporation and this is according to Forbes 2000 list. It is also the biggest employer, with more than 2 million people working for Walmart across the globe. The success of the company lies in the fact that they offer large discount compare to other department stores and now they not only made their products available online, but in mobile phones as well.

For loyal Walmart customers, you can now find products at a very low price even when you are still at home, heading to the store or in the office. This is possible with the Walmart app, which you can download on iTunes. So, if you are an iPhone user you can download the app and never miss a great discount again.

The Walmart App is a wonderful addition to your apps as you can help save yourself some money. These days, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of price rollback or sale, so you can shop more with your money. Fortunately, Walmart can help you in this area. No wonder many people prefer shopping at this department store.

If you find shopping a hassle, or too time consuming you can actually check out the Walmart inventory even before you leave your house, so you will know if what you are buying is available. Additionally, you can also get directions to the nearest Walmart store with just a few tap on your iPhone.

The Walmart app is even useful, as you can refill prescription easily and just pick it up on your way home. No need to wait and fall in line, as the Walmart Pharmacy will have your meds ready and waiting. Browsing your prescription history is also possible with the app, so you know when you last had your refill.

You should download the app, if you want to save time and money shopping with Walmart.

Walmart App Screenshots

Walmart App   Walmart App

Buy the Walmart App at the iTunes Apple Store

Fast Food Calories Hunter

September 20, 2011 by  
Filed under Miscellaneous Gadgets

Fast Food Calories HunterObesity in the United States according to the recent statistics has increased alarmingly, in adolescent and children mainly due to non-active lifestyle and poor diet. As many parents nowadays rely on fast food restaurants for their children’s daily nutrition. If you have kids suffering from obesity or already overweight, you might find the Fast Food Calories Hunter a very useful app.

The Fast Food Calories Hunter will surely help children and teenager avoid becoming part of the statistic, as the app will help control the calories consume. In fact, this app is not just for children, teenager but also for adult who finds fast food restaurants a haven.

There is no denying the fact that fast foods meals are delicious and simply irresistible. However, hiding in the juicy double patty cheeseburger, extra large French fries, ice cream Sunday and large coke float are tons of calories and fat. If you will not watch what you eat, getting fat is just easy.

The Fast Food Calories Hunter will use your age, sex, height and weight to determine the right amount of calories to consume. In addition, your lifestyle is another factor that the app will consider to ensure that you do not consume more than what you should.

The app is effective, as you will know the amount of calories in every meal in the fast food chains. Yes! You read it right, detailed information on fat, trans fat, calories, fat, carbs, sodium and cholesterol provided as well. Furthermore, you will also easily find the fast food resto near you, as the app comes with a free map too.

The Fast Food Calories Hunter is a must to try, as you will have access to 67 top restaurants and 8, 235 items. You can also search conveniently for restaurants, and get detailed information on calories and others. The app is easy to use, so getting the information you need is fast.


Fast Food Calories Hunter Screenshots

Fast Food Calories Hunter  Fast Food Calories Hunter

Norton Lite App

September 19, 2011 by  
Filed under Android Apps

Norton Lite App What is your most widely used device? I bet! It is your mobile phone, and if you ask, your friends what is the one thing they cannot do without, everyone would say it is their phone. After all, a phone nowadays is more than just a communication device but a camera, e-reader, GPS device, entertainment and credit card. Hence, keeping your phone safe and protected is necessary.

The Norton Lite app is a mobile security app, your protection from all kinds of threat. In fact, the app is an effective way to ensure that your expensive device and valuable investment get the protection it needs all the time. Actually, when you use your mobile phone for banking as well, it is imperative that you download this app.

Norton app will prevent thieves from stealing your credit card, bank information and identity. You must not let yourself be caught off guard, as spammers also attack phones, considering the fact that mobile banking is getting more popular every day and making sure you do your business risk free is vital.

Norton mobile security lite app comes with an anti-theft feature, as an option. If you want to make certain that, the information on your mobile phone is secure in case you misplaced it or it has gone missing then you have to download this app. By the way, Norton has been around and already proven as a reliable antivirus protection for computers and now it is available for mobile phones.

Downloading Norton app is easy, just a few minutes and you have a security setup working for you. The best thing about the app is that you can even forget it is in your phone, because it will do its business without bothering you. In addition, your battery will also not get affected, unlike other app.


Norton Lite App Video


Norton Lite App Screenshots

Norton Lite App  Norton Lite App

Google Search App

September 15, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

Google Search AppiPhone is an amazing device, and it can even be more wonderful when you download useful app like the Google Search. You not only have the most incredible mobile phone these days, but also an app that you could really use every day.

I know it is hard to decide which app is useful and worth downloading, with tons of apps introduced online every day it can be tiring keeping up with what is the best app these days. However, you should not get discourage as the right app can help you more than you think. Actually, if you have the app that really works, you can do all sorts of things instantly.

A fine example of an app that works and can make your life easier is the Google Search app. Your iPhone can be the most powerful device you can own when you download the app. This is because Google will let you experience the best way to use your mobile phone.

Google Search app is great to use, as searching, is now a walk in the park with the Google Google, My Location and Voice Search. These features of the app allows anyone to search for information and most of all it narrows the searches easily. Thus, you can get the information you need quickly.

Google can use image recognition to search and this is possible with the use of your mobile phone camera. The Voice Search allows you to search by saying what you want rather than typing or taking pictures of landmarks or things. The My Location help you find places near you, by giving out your exact location you can find out if there is a nearby gas station or pizza parlor.

The Google Search app has other interesting features, which you will surely find useful. So, try this app and discover how easy it is to get information.


Google Search App Video


Google Search App Screenshots

Google Search App  Google Search App