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LivingSocial App

August 30, 2011 by  
Filed under iPad Apps, iPhone Apps

LivingSocial AppCalling the attention of iPad and iPhone users, you can now save as much as 50% to 90% on gyms, spas, restaurants and more by simply downloading the LivingSocial app to your devices.

What is LivingSocial? It is the best discount site and to make it easier for people to see their daily deals they now have an app for iPhone and iPad users that would like to take advantage of the huge discounts they offer. The app is ideal if you are always on the go and do not have time to check out deals, because the deals is sent to you on a daily basis.

The LivingSocial app is wonderful as you will be introduce to different things that you might not even know exist or available. Plus! You also get to enjoy discount on the best places in the city. Imagine, dining in one of the fancy restaurants or having a massage in an exclusive spa without paying a lot, because the LivingSocial app makes it possible.

Gone are the days when you have to check email just to know the latest deal or buy one, as you can do this easily with your mobile phone or iPad. Just click the app icon and have access to the deals that LivingSocial offered to their members and those that have downloaded the app.

Furthermore, you can also get a free deal when three people purchase the deal you like. In fact, just tweet and email the deal you see in your phone and hopefully one or two of your friends also like the deal. You not only share a wonderful deal but also a wonderful way to help your friends save money.

The LivingSocial app is definitely worth downloading as you not only get an opportunity to try cool things for less but you are helping the environment, as the voucher is sent to your iPhone or iPad.


LivingSocial App Video


LivingSocial App Screenshots

LivingSocial App  LivingSocial App

Buy the LivingSocial app at the iTunes Apple Store

Gigwalk App

August 28, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

Gigwalk AppThe Gigwalk app is not just any ordinary app in iTunes because it turns your mobile phone into a money making machine. That is right! You have read it right, if you want to earn while doing what you normally do every day then download this app. Believe me, you will not regret the day you use the app.

So, what is Gigwalk? I know! You are dying to learn everything there is to know about this amazing app and how it can help you earn extra money daily without doing much. If you have not heard of Gigwalk before then you are missing one of the greatest and legit way to make money.

You see! You just need to apply and become one of the Gigwalk workforce but you have to be living in Los Angeles Metro Area, New York, Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area, South Florida, Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago. Take note, only those living in the area mentioned can apply, and earn from more than 80, 000 paid work.

Gigwalk connects folks from different community using their iPhone, and so yeah! You also have to be an iPhone user to download the app and start earning like everyone in the mobile workforce of Gigwalk. Your mobile phone is your second paycheck when you use it accordingly.

By the way, the app is user friendly and has a wonderful interface, so keeping up to the Gigwalk workforce is just easy. By the way, this is not another scam or gimmicks to attract your attention or lure you to download the app, because you can really earn doing one of the paid work in this app. You just have to use the Gigawalk app to see and believe.


Gigwalk App Video


Gigwalk App Screenshots

Gigwalk App  Gigwalk App

Buy the GigaWalk app at the iTunes Apple Store App

August 23, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps App There are times when you just hate the thought of shopping, especially when it is the holiday as everybody has one destination in mind the shopping malls. If you do not like the idea of shopping when somebody is grabbing the things you want to buy then why not just shop on your mobile phone.

Getting the best thing in life is a privilege, so it is imperative that you take advantage of it. The is an app that nobody should bypass if you want to experience a hassle free shopping. After all, the app allows you to shop until you drop anytime and anywhere you are in the world.

The app for shopping as you can also use it to sell stuff online. So, What can you buy at What else but textbooks, books, music, movies, game system and games. You can also sell the same thing and do not worry as the app is secure and most of all you only have access to it, because it is in your iPhone.

The app is built with interesting features that would surely help you a lot. For one, you can browse items that are popular at the moment, search textbook titles by using the so called barcode scanner and best of all have what you like shipped straight to your doorstep.

The app is accessed by millions of people, buying and selling stuff so you have plenty of choices and potential buyers. In addition, you can update your listings anytime you like, as you just have to make a few tap on your mobile phone to do it. The app also comes with a speedy checkout that is simple, fast and most importantly safe to use.

You can never go wrong with the app, so save yourself the trouble and use your mobile phone to shop and make money easily. App Features

  • Search or browse for products such as books, DVD’s, games and consoles.
  • Barcode enables searching for items you are looking to purchase or sell.
  • Speedy checkout and payment option making it simple and fast!
  • Easily manage your active listings with the ability to edit or delete your current items for sale.
  • Gift Cards and Coupons: Utilize any gift cars or coupons you have to make items cheaper to buy.
  • Share your favorite deals with your friends and family via email or social networks. App App Video App App Screenshots App App

Buy the app at the iTunes Apple Store

The Kindle App

August 21, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

Kindle app  Kindle app


Reading books is now easier and less troublesome, as you do not need to carry so many books all the time. These days, you can enjoy all your favorite novels, magazines and newspapers without actually buying or holding the actual thing.

The Kindle app allows you to read newspapers, books and magazines conveniently as long as you download it to your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Imagine the convenient of having an app like the Kindle on your favorite devices, you do not have to carry to many stuff if you want to spend a day in the beach reading a book or magazines.

You see, the Kindle app is built with an interface that is definitely user friendly, and most of all you get to have access to more than 950, 000 books as well as 100 magazines and newspapers if you visit the Kindle Store. The app is worth downloading to your mobile phone, iPad or iPod because of its great features and access to wonderful reading materials.

Furthermore, the Kindle app gives you more than just convenience but also fun time shopping as you can easily shop online and browse on newly release books, including bestseller books. Plus! Reading Reader’s Digest and The Economist on high resolution is possible, so you can appreciate what you are reading even more.

Another feature that makes the app interesting is that you get free samples of the books first chapter, so you get to read first and buy the book later when you find it good. The app also allows you to customize the background color, landscape or portrait format and font size according to what is comfortable to you.

The Kindle app is simply amazing, something that you should not ignore or disregarded as just another apps especially when you love to read.

Buy the Kindle app at the iTunes Apple Store

Amazon Student App

August 19, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

Amazon Student App   Amazon Student App


College students that own an iPod or iPhone have something to look forward these days, as Amazon made their textbooks and other products even more accessible. Just last August 15, Amazon a well known shopping website that offers books and different products now has their own app to make shopping convenient.

The Amazon Student app is perfect to add to your iPhone app collection, especially if you are a college student as you can easily check the price of any books available at Amazon. In fact, you can do more than just check the price as the app also allows you to scan any items you will buy or even sell back.

You see, Amazon has a program that allows anyone to trade their books, movies, electronics and for a gift card that you can use to purchase another product from the website. The best thing is that you can do what you normally do on the Amazon website without actually going into the website using your desktop or laptop as the app gives you access instantly.

Furthermore, if you join the program and download the Amazon Student app you also get a 2-day shipping for free, within 6 months. This alone can save you a great deal of money, and I believe every student would surely appreciate. You can check out the full details when you visit Amazon website and download the app.

There is no doubt that every student that wants to benefit from free shipping, enjoy the convenience of shopping for a text book or selling whatever stuff accepted by the trade-in-program of Amazon would appreciate the advantages that the Amazon Student app offers.

So, what are you waiting for be the first among your friends to enjoy the benefits of the Amazon Student app by downloading it to your mobile phone or iPod.

Buy the Amazon Student app at the iTunes Apple Store