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Easy Money App

August 17, 2011 by  
Filed under Android Apps

Easy Money App   Easy Money App


Android smartphone users have something to rejoice now that the best budget planner application is available for download. If you are tired of going over budget or having a hard time, tracking your expenses the Easy Money app is just what you need.

Easy Money app developed for android smartphones devices, so users can manage their finances easily. The app is built with a simple interface yet powerful, which gives you the edge that you need. In addition, the wonderful features of the app are more than enough to help you become a financial whiz.

The Easy Money app features include a widget that makes it faster for users to input data. Notifications on overdue and upcoming bills for both recurring and one time bills payment is also something you can take advantage tremendously. Additionally, interactive graphs to analyse your expenses, income, balance and cash flow makes the app worth checking.

The app also allows users to set a monthly budget using a specific accounts or categories, so monitoring your budget effectively is possible. What more! Taking photos of the receipts and bills is allowed, no more wondering what is the expense you have entered in the data as you can double check it easily. If you want to export or import data to and from your desktop, you can because of the QIF and CSV data transfer of the app.

The Easy Money app is the best budget planner because it is designed as well with a setup that allows repeating transactions. The app cannot be use by anyone, even if you lose your mobile phone because of the app security code. Hence, no more worrying about inputting sensitive data as the app is safe to use.

Easy Money app is a practical tool if you are a budget conscious person, so what are you waiting for download this app now.

[Source: Android Market]

Ask The Butcher App

August 16, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

Ask The Butcher App  Ask The Butcher App


Buying meat is easy but getting the right part can be difficult, as most people have no idea about it. Well, gone are the days when you do not know what part of the cow is best for roast beef or stew. This is because an app that will teach you everything you need to know about meat cuts, ways to cook them and carve once cooked is now available.

Ask The Butcher is an iPhone app that can help you learn the different part of the meat, so you do not have to stand around the meat market clueless as to what part is best to buy. A practical tool that you can download to your iPhone, so anytime you want to check the cuts list just take out your mobile phone and in mere seconds you will know what to buy.

But of course, the Ask The Butcher app is not just developed to provide you with cuts list but it is also built to help you cooked the meat right. The app comes with exclusive recipes that anyone can do easily, and would surely make your mouth water as the recipes created by world leading chefs.

Take note, choosing the right cuts, preparing and cooking the meat are important but if you do not carve it right once you have cooked it, your guess might not appreciate the meal. Besides, plating is just as important as cooking as people become more entice when their food is served perfectly. Ask The Butcher App can help you carve the meats properly once you are done with cooking.

The amazing Ask the Butcher app is available for only $1.99 and you get a free updates every now and then. This app is the most practical tool if you want to prepare meats not just for yourself but also for your family and friends.

Buy the Ask The Butcher app at the iTunes Apple Store

Weber’s On the Grill App

August 15, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

Weber’s On the Grill  Weber’s On the Grill


Everybody loves barbeque, and I do believe that what most people love about it is the smell of a meat roasting slowly and the smoke that comes from the grill. If you enjoy eating barbeque then the Weber’s On The Grill app is just what you need.

The Weber’s On The Grill app is developed for iPhone devices, giving users another advantage as they not only have a great mobile but also an app that one can surely find valuable. There is no doubt, this app is not just perfect to have on your iPhone but you will surely use it a lot.

The app built with features that anyone would find effective and helpful in making your barbeque the most delicious. In fact, the more than 280 recipes and 40 marinades, sauces and rubs recipes will surely get you grilling every day, if your schedule permits it. That is how great the recipes that you will find in the Weber app.

The app includes a tag feature, which allows you to tag the recipes you like the most and make it easier to share it to your friends. There is also a grocery list, so you can buy whatever you need when you go to the grocery store. No need to write down the recipes you need because your app can help you make your shopping enjoyable and hassle free.

In addition, the Weber’s On the Grill app comes with a timer as well, so the food cooked just right. Techniques on grilling that could further hone your skill are also something to look forward in the app. Well, the video instruction by celebrity chef Jamie Purviance will help you understand the art of grilling barbeque even more. This alone makes the app cost of $4.99 worth every penny.

Buy the Weber's On The Grill app at the iTunes Apple Store

Real Racing HD

August 12, 2011 by  
Filed under iPad Apps

Real Racing HD


Racing can set your adrenalin pumping and turn your life upside down in mere seconds. No wonder a lot of people are into racing as they simply find the excitement irresistible. If you want to try racing but have no car or you are afraid to drive more than 200mph then know that you can still experience the thrill as long as you have an iPad and the best racing game app.

Real Racing HD is a great iPad app if you want to feel and experience racing, as the game provides player with excellent realistic racing. The game play and graphics is more than enough to say that this is the app for race and game enthusiast. But of course, these are just the appetizers as the way the game is developed can make anyone feel like champion after a good race.

The game is built with online multiplayer, so you can race with your siblings or friends via the game center. The app is wonderful for iOS4.2 because it’s optimized and can support multitasking efficiently. If you feel like checking your achievement, just visit the game center and see your name on the leader boards.

Real Racing HD app also offers 12 unique tracks, time trial and the use of a “Ghost Car” just to let you feel the game. Since the app wants you to experience realistic racing you can also view the cockpit, tilt or touch to steer, customize your car and play your favorite songs while racing.

Real Racing HD is definitely an amazing race game app. There is no doubt about it! A lot of people that have downloaded the app has nothing but good things to say about the app. For only $4.99 you can experience real racing without going outside your home.

Buy Real Racing HD at the iTunes Apple Store

What’s On TV?

August 12, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

What's On TV  What's On TV app


Are you wondering what show on TV worth watching? Well, downloading an app called What’s On TV? Can easily help you find out what is on the TV tomorrow or right now.

What’s On TV? Is not just an ordinary app that is worth downloading because you can find out the show on TV, what is next and even lets you know the shows playing on theaters soon. The way the app is designed makes it not just worthy of your memory space, but definitely an app that you will use a lot.

There are many apps available for free on iTunes and other sites, but What’s On TV? Is one of the few apps you can truly say useful and effective. The features of this app is more than enough to say that it is not just useful to have in your mobile phone but you will be bypassing one of the greatest app ever developed if you do not download it.

The What’s On TV? App is designed with multitasking support, hi resolution interface and gorgeous retina graphics display. You can view the shows or favorite channel easily because you can customize it, accordingly to what is suitable to you. The channel list, location and OTA favorites can also be synchronize to your other devices that have the same app.

Furthermore, if you like to watch movies on theaters a lot you can easily find out what is playing nearby, just access the app and in a few seconds, you know what is on at what time. There is also a notification feature so there is no way that you can miss a show, especially the one you have been waiting a long time for.

Get to know the latest news, browse for movies, sports, new episodes and experience an amazing app. What’s On TV? Is the app you have been waiting for, so do not miss the chance to download it for free.

Buy What's On TV at the iTunes Apple Store