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Monthly Cycles App

August 7, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

Monthly Cycles App   Monthly Cycles App


Preventing unwanted pregnancy is easy as long as you know your menstrual cycles. In fact, a lot of women these days makes it a habit to keep track of their ovulation period or fertile days to ensure that they will not get pregnant accidently.

If you think that crossing out the dates on your calendar or diary is more than enough then better think again. You see! If you own an iPhone and wants to double check your fertile days anytime and anywhere you are then an app that could let you monitor accurately your menstrual cycle is what you need.

The Monthly Cycles app is a great tool to have on your mobile phone, as you will not just easily track your fertile days but could help you prevent unwanted pregnancy as well. After all, many women become pregnant simply because they have no idea or have lost track of the day when they are fertile. However, with an app that will remind you of your unsafe days the risk of getting pregnant will be reduce significantly.

The Monthly Cycles app key features allow women the convenient to monitor their ovulation period whenever they want. The app is created with powerful program that makes it efficient to calculate period and with a streamlined interface, user will find it easier to use.

This iPhone app also comes with an excellent event management calendar, and as an added bonus user can take advantage of the report feature of the app. The report feature gives women an advantage as they can verify that the headaches, cramps, acne, neck ache, nausea and tender breasts are just symptoms that they are about to have a menstrual period.

Overall, the Monthly Cycles app is a great tool to have especially if you do not plan to get pregnant soon or vice versa.

Buy the Monthly Cycles app at the iTunes Apple Store

Bubble Collection – Go Camping in Style

August 6, 2011 by  
Filed under Outdoor Gadgets

Bubble Collection – Go Camping in Style


Camping is a great way to enjoy nature, but despite the beauty of the outdoor, there are things that could make a very relaxing day unpleasant. So, the Bubble Collection is definitely a great camping gear to take around rather than the typical tent if you want to have a cleaner and quieter time with Mother Nature.

Bubble Collection are designed to make nature tripping safe, cleaner and comfortable, especially for those that are not the outdoor type but still wants to experience the peace and quiet that nature has to offer. The Bubble Collection created by Pierre Stephane Dumas is no doubt the perfect solution for a fuzz free time outdoor.

What the Bubble Collection offers are more than just a unique space where one could bask in the beauty of nature safely. The design of the bubble gives anyone that wants to try it a panoramic view, of the earth. By the way, you can consider the bubble as your special place of retreat.

The Bubbles consists of different ergonomic huts, the CristalBubble, BubbleTree, BubbleRoom and BubbleLodge. All these special huts offer silence and protection, and the most wonderful of all is that these huts are easy to install. The bubble can be up and ready to use by starting the blower that will deliver fresh air until standing, and while it is used.

Furthermore, the bubble huts also comes with its own bed, king sized. There are also adequate space to place personal belongings, protective cover, wooden floor and of course the transport bag. The transport bag makes it possible for anyone to take the bubble anywhere.

If you think that this bubble huts are what you need to make your outdoor time comfortable, prepare to pay big bucks, as the transparent Bubble Collection does not come cheap, the price per bubble is $10, 987 US.

[Source: BubbleTree]

iSheetmusic App

August 4, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

iSheetmusic App


Smartphones, tablets and iPod has contributed a lot to the music industry, as they made it possible for everyone to be closer to their music. So, it is not shocking that everyone wants to have one.

Now, if you are a musician then you will surely appreciate these devices even more and most especially if you download an app that could make it easier to read music notes.  You see, there is a new app available in iTunes that can surely help musicians a lot and it’s called the iSheetmusic app.

iSheetMusic is an iPhone app that let users read music on their mobile phone, iPad or iPod devices rather than the traditional printed music sheet that has been around for 500 years. I am sure you are very familiar with the typical music sheet just like everyone else, so you know how convenient it is not to carry to many papers anymore to read music.

The people at the SheetMusic LLC develop this music sheet app, so musicians can have another option when it comes to reading music sheet. This is good news as now people do not have to rely on printed music sheets all the time and they can lighten their load especially when travelling.

The best thing about the iSheetMusic app is that it offers not just digital music sheet but also marker that let people know where they are or what part of the song they are in and the app also comes with adjustable tempo that could rock the world. Now, if you pair all these with auto page feature then this app is definitely a must have for every musicians, as this is another way to make things easier for them.

So, if you are tired of lugging folders after folders of papers containing your precious music sheet, know that there is an app that could help make life simple the iSheetMusic.

Buy the iSheetMusic app at the iTunes Apple Store

Control4 My House App

August 3, 2011 by  
Filed under iPad Apps, iPhone Apps

Control4 My House App


Imagine how your life will be if you can control your video, audio and lighting using a mobile phone or a music device, sound impossible. Well, these days you can practically do all things, as modern science has made many things possible. So, discovering that a mobile phone can be use as a remote control is no longer astonishing to know.

In fact, if you own an iPod or iPhone you can instantly turn them into a remote control, by downloading an app developed for controlling lights, video and audio device, and other stuff that runs with a remote control. That is right! Use your mobile phone and music device in a more productive way with a great app.

Control4 My Home is the app that makes it possible for mobile phones to act as remote control. The app is created with several features that make iPhone and iPod devices even more functional. You see! The app automatically connects to your present automation system, as long as Control4 Home runs that system.

If your house has a Control4 Home system, you can download the app and start using the different features of the Control4 My House app that includes lighting control. In addition, the app also allows you to control HVAC, video and audio devices, album and movie artwork, IP camera, wakeup control, playlist creation and others. The app also supports Spanish and Portuguese, making it even more useful for those that prefer other language.

Control4 My House is perfect and a great addition to your collection of apps, more so if Control4 Home has automated your house. You can never go wrong with this app, as you can make your devices even more functional and useful. Besides, the app is so easy to use that even your kid can enjoy using it and definitely worth downloading anytime.

Control4 My House app available at the iTunes Apple Store

HomeWorks Light Control App

August 2, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

HomeWorks Light Control App   HomeWorks Light Control App


The best way to deter criminals is to make sure that your house has lights at night, even if you are still at the office, partying or on a holiday. This notion may have been an impossible thing to do before but not anymore, especially if you own an Apple device.

The HomeWorks Light Control app lets you control lights by Lutron HomeWorks. The app is designed to give iPhone or iPod users the advantage to control their lights at home, even if they are away from home. So, before you arrived at home you can turn on the pathway lights on, by simply tapping on your app and turning on the part of the house you want to light.

HomeWorks is a leader when it comes to control for lights of luxury homes and the company has been in the business for more than a decade now, which they know what they are doing. In addition, the lighting system provided by HomeWorks is sophisticated, intelligent and convenient in making homes well lighted.

You see, the HomeWorks Light Control app is primarily developed to give homeowners another means to control their lights at home, and the use of a mobile phone makes things even easier and fashionable. In fact, downloading the app is the next best thing you can do, as you can definitely benefit from this app and most especially if your present lights have been setup by HomeWorks.

Take note, the app automatically configures to use the information that is already stored on your HomeWorks system.  So, it is no longer a problem if you use HomeWorks for your home lights control. By the way, for you to use the app network connection is needed and since all iPhone already comes with WiFi or 3G then it is not an issue anymore.

HomeWorks Light Control is a great app, as you can control your lights using your mobile phone or iPod.

HomeWorks Light Control app available on the App Store