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Soleasoft Studios App

July 27, 2011 by  
Filed under Miscellaneous Gadgets

Soleasoft Studios App


Smartphones are great devices as they can be used for many different purposes. In fact, the functionality of smartphones is the reason why everyone wants to have one. After all, you get more than a mobile phone but a very useful tool as well, especially when useful apps are downloaded.

Soleasoft Studio’s is another app developed to help people navigate. So, if you are looking to find an inexpensive navigation unit then this app is just perfect for your needs. The navigation system offered by Soleasoft Studio’s can provide precise driving instructions that will purchased will not make you broke, unlike other navigation unit available in the market.

Soleasoft Studio’s GPS navigation is an excellent substitute for Google Maps, since it is a lot faster. In fact, drivers that like using maps would find the app worth downloading to their device, despite the fact that many Android mobile phones already comes Google Maps pre-loaded.

The features that make the app worth every penny include route calculations for walking, driving, or cycling.  Additionally, the app also offers a local search on POIs, map that is real time, so you can view the actual route or locations and reach the place you wanted to visit.

In addition, if you want to let your friends or relatives know your location, the app is designed with an SMS and email feature, so you can easily send the route to whomever you want. Additionally, for those fond of using the most popular social network Facebook, know that you can also share through it. Now, for speed freak, a camera speed warning is another feature that every driver must look forward when using the app, since it helps you to stay safe.

The Soleasoft Studio’s GPS app can be installed to your smartphone for $3.99, which is nothing when you think of the features that you can enjoy.

SAT App – Vocabulary Challenge

July 26, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

SAT Vocabulary Challenge app  SAT Vocabulary Challenge app


If you are planning to take a SAT exam then you will definitely need a good reviewer. Fortunately, an app could help you master and challenge your own vocabulary skill. In fact, you can use it to test your own knowledge and most of all get you ready for the exam.

The SAT Vocab Challenge app is a great reviewer as you can master with confidence the 250 most frequently used vocab words that often come out on exam. The iPhone app contains negative and positive synonyms, connotation, antonyms and even definition, making it indeed an effective app.

The SAT app is created by Modality together with the Princeton Review. Modality is a developer of bestselling mobile apps for learning, which gives user the assurance that the app they will develop will always help an individual gain further knowledge and test their skill.

In addition, the app can surely help anyone get ready for a SAT exam as the review app contains 100 words that often appear on SAT. Keep in mind that vocabulary building is the fastest way to improve your SAT score, and more so when you can use the app anytime you want and wherever you are to study.

The SAT becomes even more powerful when you download it to your mobile phone, as you can turn idle time into something useful. Think about it! 5 minutes of waiting in line, riding a bus and coffee break can help you master a word or two. Just simply pull out your iPhone out and tap the app to get you started.

The app is definitely a winner, and it even won the “Editor’s Choice Award” because of the amazing feature and helpfulness of the SAT app to prepare individual master their vocabulary easily. The game side of the app even makes it a pleasure to study, so if you want to pass the SAT easily just download this app for only $4.99 on iTunes.

Buy the SAT Vocab Challenge app at the iTunes Appstore

DIRECTV App – Browse Movies And TV Shows On Your Phone

July 26, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps



DIRECTV always wants the best for their customers, and so an app that allows users to stay in touch with their favorite TV shows or movies even if they are away from home has been developed. It is called the DIRECTV app is available to download for iPod and iPhone users.

DIRECTV as a compliment to their avid user has come up with an app that allows U.S residents to search shows on television at least 14 days ahead of the shows schedule. In addition, the app also let users browse the different programs according to channel, time and date.

Furthermore, access the programs description, rating, length and other information that you may want to know.  But, that is not all, you can also record the shows you like, whether it is an entire series or single episode is not a problem. The DIRECTV app feature also makes it possible for anyone to record movies, order events and movies even when the receiver not connected to the phone line.

Additionally, the DIRECTV app also let you record from home using a DVR. Share the shows or programs you are watching to Twitter and Facebook. The best thing of all, you can do all these things using your mobile phone or iPod. That is right! Every feature comes with the app, which you can download on iTunes.

By the way, everyone can use the browsing functionality of the app but the recording function is only for customers of DIRECTV. If you are a customer and have a residential account, make sure that you register it on so you can access the recording system.

The iPhone or iPod should also run on Wifi, 3G or Edge connection if you want to record, and should you wish to know more about this app just call DIRECTV customer service or visit iTunes.

[Source: iTunes]


July 25, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps



Are you a fan of NASA? If you are then you will surely love this app, the official NASA app. The agency responsible for sending people to space and discovering a completely new universe invites iPod and iPhone device users to download the app and get constant updates and wealth of information.

This mobile app gathers extensive information and delivers them to you. So, you can always get updated info, videos, and images that come from various NASA sources online. In fact, downloading this app if you are a fanatic can help you explore things anytime and you have free time.

NASA app provides updates on mission information, live streaming, launch information, countdown clocks, sighting opportunities, orbit trackers, image of NASA, astronomy of the day, NASA videos, images of collection and twitter feeds.

Furthermore, the app also connects to Facebook so you can share information that you discover or learn should you wish too. By the way, if you want to access the info or features of the app you must connect your mobile phone first. You see, network connection is required and you can connect via 3G, WiFi or Edge.

The iPhone and iPod devices are great gadgets in themselves, however they become even more powerful with the apps that you can download. The apps are developed to entertain, impress, assist, and makes things easier for users of this amazing devices. Actually, without the apps Apple devices will be just like any of the ordinary mobile phones out in the market.

So, what are you waiting for why not download NASA app so you can experience how great an iPod or iPhone devices when it has an app that could make a difference. If you feel that this app is what you need, just simply visit iTunes and download the first app of NASA.

[Source: iTunes]

Bumblebee Touchbook App

July 22, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps

Bumblebee Touchbook app


If you think that mobile phones are bad for children then you do not know what you are missing. These days, phones is a necessity and when you download an app then it becomes even more functional, and more than just a communication device.

iPhones are the most versatile and functional mobile phones with the help of amazing apps. You see, an iPhone user has an opportunity to personalize their phone unlike other mobile devices that only works as a communication gadget. So, when you own a one of kind phone make sure that you download it with effective apps as well.

The Bumblebee Touchbook is an iPhone app that parents must have as teaching the children to read is not a problem anymore and parents can even make a kid think that learning is a fun thing to do. This is because the app is a wonderful educational tool to use for children.

Bumblebee Touchbook app


The Bumblebee Touchbook app can help a child learn a word by simply touching the word display on the screen. The Touchbook also read the page of the story, making it even more interesting and alluring to children. If you want to teach your child to count then know that the app also contains activities designed to help a child count.

The most wonderful feature of the Bumblebee Touchbook app is the 3D short movie, as every child is bound to appreciate the animated movie. Come to think of it! This is not just a great educational app and effective but could help occupy young children and toddlers when parents are at a restaurants or car.

In fact, the Bumblebee Touchbook app is the solution that every parents are looking for to keep their children behave on public places. So, calling all mothers and fathers the app to save sanity is available only for $0.99 on iTunes.

[Source: iTunes]