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HP TouchPad Available this Friday

July 8, 2011 by  
Filed under Tablet Gadgets

HP TouchPad


The HP TouchPad featuring HP’s first web OS that claims to contain the smartest OS available hits the shelves on Friday. We thought we would cover some of the features of the tablet for people thinking about purchasing one.

Firstly, its dimensions. The HP TouchPad measures 9.45″ wide by 7.48″ high by 0.54″ deep and an overall weight of 1.6 pounds.  As a rough guide this is very slightly bigger and heavier than the iPad but not enough to notice unless you got the tape measure and scales out. These dimensions allow you to work, watch movies, or play games without having to squint your eyes to see.

Secondly, the webOS which HP has introduced into the TouchPad is their first mobile OS. HP claims to have designed and coded the OS from start to finish ensuring its function and applications are directed towards mobile computing. To do this HP have concentrated their efforts on making the TouchPad OS a multitasking object, seamlessly switching between different applications at any one time. A specific example would be to search the web whilst trying to write an email. Like all new software it is going to take time to get use the webOS from HP.

HP TouchPad


To ensure everything runs quick the TouchPad ships with a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core APQ8060 processor. Along with this processor Qualcomm Adreno 220 core graphics capability is provided to ensure graphics in videos and gaming are fantastic.

The HP TouchPad contains an integrated webcam and microphone for video calling and communicating via Skype.  Along with this the TouchPad is Wi-Fi enabled, allows Bluetooth communication, an 8 hour battery life, TouchPad accelerometer for landscape or portrait usage, ePrint enabling you to print to any wireless enabled HP printers.

Available: Amazon

Price: $270

Buy the HP Touchpad from Amazon

Vea SPORTIVE Training Watch

July 5, 2011 by  
Filed under Sport Gadgets, Watch Gadgets



Our watch gadgets category has been neglected recently, not because we don’t like writing about watches more likely that there has not been any great developments lately. Today we seen a watch featured on Engadget that we had to cover, it is called the Vea SPORTIVE.

The Vea SPORTIVE is a watch that the designers claim will revolutionize the world of training whilst wearing a watch. Typical uses for a wearing a watch whilst doing a sport could be when a person is running and wants to check their overall time or split times. Some sports enthusiasts may just like to know the time and don’t demand anything more from a watch. Either way current watches advertised as sports gadgets just allow for timing but the Vea SPORTIVE has a lot more to offer.

Firstly, it can measure the pulse rate of the user wearing it. This is important so the user can monitor their own rate allowing them to decide whether they can exert themselves a bit more if their pulse rate is still low or to reduce their effort to bring their pulse rate down to an acceptable level. Secondly, the Vea SPORTIVE allows for playing of music. I presume this gadget would be banned during competitive sports after all you don’t want to be concentrating then all of a sudden being disrupted by someone running past with Lady Gaga belting out of their watch. Finally, the sports watch offers all the important functions that you would expect on a training watch such as speed, calories burnt, and total distance.

Other basic features of the Vea SPORTIVE watch is a camera, 1.5” touch-screen, Bluetooth, 8GB data storage and an SOS button that was requested by the community to which the developers managed to integrate. This function is especially useful should you come into trouble when you are out on the run by yourself. The SOS button sends out your location and specific data making your easier to find. All this for the price of $578 in July, increasing to $722 by September.

[Source: Vea Digital]

Musical Ruler

Musical Ruler

The Musical Ruler is not any ordinary ruler, and it is bound to surprise you with the special function it has! Yes, it can produce music. Not the twanging sound when you snap the ruler from the side of a table, but real musical notes.

This innovative stationary gadget comes in the form of a standard twelve inch plastic ruler, complete with the normal ruler centimeter measurements on one edge. However, the other edge has lines corresponding to musical notes, instead of inch measurements. So, you can make music by positioning the musical ruler with the line corresponding to the note you want to produce parallel to the table edge, and then apply pressure on the marked finger positions.

Still not clear? Not to worry, as there is a printed step-by-step guide on how to fashion songs using this quirky little ruler. Now even without any musical talent, you can produce music in no time using this musical ruler. Striking rulers against table edges to kill boredom is now a thing of the past, as now there is more to it. You can make real music.


Apart from drawing lines and shapes and measuring things, you can now be an accomplished ruler player with the Musical Ruler created by Dan Wieden. It doesn’t matter whether you love music, or you just want to have some fun, this ruler will definitely add some fun to the stationery on your desk. The Musical Ruler, together with the thoughtfully written guide, sells for $13.99.

[Source: Gadgets]

NoPoPo Aqua Battery Gets an Update

July 5, 2011 by  
Filed under Eco-Friendly Gadgets

NoPoPo Aqua Battery Gets an Update


It can be a headache if your device runs out of battery when you’re at a place which is out of nowhere? You won’t have to worry that this will happen with the NoPoPo (No Pollution Power) Aqua Battery. This rechargeable AA size battery is designed to be recharged with many types of liquid, including water, saliva, soft drinks, and even urine. Hence, earning it another name – pee powered battery. The liquid is injected with a pipette into the battery chamber. Within the battery chamber, the existing magnesium-carbon mixture will react with the injected liquid, producing power of up to 500mAh.

A piece of good news is: The NoPoPo Aqua Battery is about to be upgraded! What kind of update? You would wonder. Aqua Power System Japan (APSJ) has announced that this four year old product will be upgraded so that it can keep up with the times. The new updated version can still be recharged by various liquid, but what makes it unique is that now it can be recharged or refilled by soaking it in water from 3-5 minutes, which is much more convenient, compared to recharging it using a pipette.

On a long term basis, the NoPoPo Aqua Battery is more environmentally friendly compared to other batteries, as it can be recharged up to five times, and can also be recycled. In addition, it can also make use of unwanted fluids such as urine to generate power, putting these substances to good use. The only flipside is that the NoPoPo Aqua Battery only comes in one size – AA, so its usage is limited.

[Source: Japan Trends]

Showa Hanako 2 – Robotic Patient to Train Dentists

July 4, 2011 by  
Filed under Robot Gadgets

Showa Hanako 2 - Robotic Patient to Train Dentists


Showa University in Tokyo alongside robotics company Tmsuk has developed a robotic patient to help train dentists.  The robot gadget called Showa Hanako 2 replicates typical patient movements and responses alongside being as realistic looking as possible. Just check out that face in the picture and tell me you didn’t think that was a real person.

The idea behind the Showa Hanako 2 is that dental students can practice on the robot before attempting procedures on a real patient. The advantage of this is that students build confidence on techniques alongside experiencing typical reactions of patients.

Showa Hanako 2


Showa Hanako 2 which as you can guess is an upgrade from Showa Hanako 1 is much more lifelike, user-friendly, and functional compared to its older version. The lifelike look and feel of the skin is due to the silicone skin developed by Orient Industry. The realistic lifelike features help psychologically remind the trainee dentist that they are working on a genuine patient even if they are working on a robot.

Gestures to which Showa Hanako 2 can exhibit are; blinking, sneezing, coughing, head shaking, tongue movements, and rolling of the eyes.  All these movements happen smoothly and naturally much like the human form. One final feature to Showa Hanako 2 is its ability to simulate a gag reflex; this was put in place after reviewing typical patient reactions during dental procedures.

I can imagine this medical gadget being quite expensive to buy later this year when Yoshida Dental Manufacturing make it available to order, however the prices dentists charge these days I am sure they can afford it.