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Catra – Diagnose Cataracts with your Smartphone

July 26, 2011 by  
Filed under Medical Gadgets


Cataracts comes as one of the symptoms of many major diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension. Hence, early diagnosis tests for these diseases should be carried out by checking if the patient is suffering from a cataract.

MIT’s Media Lab has come up with an ingenious attachment called the Catra that allows individuals to carry out cataract test by using only their smart phones. The technology behind it may be rather simple but it definitely takes lots of tedious calculations and also in depth understanding of optics to produce reliable results.

The wide spread use of the technology is doubtful as many don’t find the need of purchasing an attachment when checkups could be done with the doctor. However, the Catra medical gadget comes within the size of a palm which enables the attachment to be both convenient and easily accessible. Serving as an alternative to the usual trips that a patient needs to make for an eye test, now it’s not only the apple that’s able to keep the doctor away.

The simple way of how the attachment operates is by allowing patients to view an image and having the patient response if the image seen was clear. Patients may be viewing the same image from time to time, but the repetition of the whole process is to send light to the different sections of the lens.

Determining which part of the lens is opaque relies on the response of the patients and the Catra will further compute the size and also the density of the cloud. With further programming that’s done in the smart phone itself, a full map of the different positions of clouds could be made for the patients.

[Source: MIT Media Lab]

iTrem App Monitor Patients with Parkinson Disease

July 5, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps, Medical Gadgets

iTrem App Monitor Patients with Parkinson Disease


iPhone is well known because of the many things that the mobile device can do, which seems to be endless if we consider the fact that many people continue to develop different things and apps to even make it useful. iTrem is another amazing app to watch out for as this is not just an ordinary iPhone apps since it is useful for those with health problems.

Georgia Tech Research Institute develops the amazing iTrem app for iPhone that could help individual suffering from neurological conditions and Parkinson’s disease to monitor their health by using the tremors that comes from the hand and arm for data gathering.

iTrem app uses the accelerometer in iPhone that is already built-in to collect data of patients even when they are at home or office. The collected data gathered afterwards is sent to the medical personnel responsible to analyze the patient’s info. The advantage of iTrem app if you have a neurological condition and own an iPhone is that you can monitor your condition without going to the hospital to get check, which can be very costly and time consuming.

Take note, the iTrem app is useful for caregivers and their patients, as they can monitor the condition of the latter even if they are not together. In addition, since the app is downloadable as soon as it hits Apple iTunes store then it further becomes helpful, as the app is definitely cost effective and convenient to use.

iTrem apart from being a great app for people with neurological condition it is also design for users to connect socially with friends or other people as the program also let people share data, pictures and stories.

At the moment, iTrem is still undergoing clinical study for FDA approval but the developer of the app hope to include the app to the Apple iTunes store, later of this year.

[Source: Modern Health Talk]

Withings Blood Pressure Cuff and App

July 2, 2011 by  
Filed under iPhone Apps, Medical Gadgets

Withings Blood Pressure Cuff And App


iPhone is recognized worldwide as the most versatile device these days, along with iPad and iPod Touch. In fact, Apple’s well known iOS devices is widely used in every industry, and continues to be a forerunners when it comes to helpfulness because of amazing applications.

French Company called Withings recognized the many ways that iOS devices are use today. This factor is also the main reason why they decided to create a cuff that monitors the blood pressure of a person. The cuff is plugged into an iOS device and together with the Blood Pressure Monitor iPhone app that is downloadable from app stores for free, users can now read the blood pressure effectively.

Withings BP Cuff and BP Monitor app turns iPhone devices into a wonderful medical gadget that is definitely one of a kind, which many people could benefit. It is ideal for travelling, since it is easy to carry, as you only need the cuff and your mobile device to start reading yours or someone else blood pressure.

Come to think of it! There are just too many things to like with the Withings BP cuff, and one of them is the feature that allows recording of stats. In fact, once reading done the BP monitor app will then saved the results and of course, the app will record not just one result but two or even more, which is necessary for proper comparisons of blood pressure. What more, the saved blood pressure reading is possible to send or emailed to your doctor or Microsoft Health Vault for later use.

The BP monitor app is downloadable for free, but it is useless without the Withings cuff, as this Apple gadget is the one that connects to the iPhone and use to take the reading. By the way, the FDA already approved the device, which further makes it a must have medical equipment.

[Source: Withings]

3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape

June 23, 2011 by  
Filed under Medical Gadgets

3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape


Medical tape is a commonly used material for medical procedures and dressings. However, the removal of medical tape can be a very painful process, especially for those patients with a lot of skin hair or with sensitive skin. Sometimes, it may even result in injuries to the skin. With the launch of the 3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape by 3M, tape removals will not be that painful again. You also won’t hear of complications due to tape removal anymore.

3M claims that this new silicone medical tape can be removed with greater ease compared to traditional paper or cloth tapes. The adhesion provided by this tape is commendable, and they improve the comfort of patients as well as highly reduce the risk of injury, which is good news to both medical practitioners and also patients.

The special feature of the 3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape is just like how its name suggests. This skin-friendly tape provides kind removal from the skin of patients. According to a study conducted by medical professionals, the 3M tape causes considerably lower degree of damage to skin, compared to a commonly used medical tape used as a control.

Besides that, it also makes medical dressings more affordable in some cases, as it eliminates the need for any work-around or secondary products to protect the skin from damage or complicated follow-up procedures to heal skin injury. Hence, compared to these complications, the 3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape provides speed, consistency, simplicity, and also affordability to its users.

[Source: 3M]

The Smart Bandage

June 20, 2011 by  
Filed under Medical Gadgets

The Smart Bandage


Melbourne researches has developed a fibre like material or as they like to call it the Smart Bandage. The Smart Bandage can detect infections and indicate the state of an underlying wound by just changing its colour. It has the ability to show a change in temperature of less than 0.5 degree Celsius and the Smart Bandage makes identification of healing problems that is mostly followed by a decrease and increase of local temperature faster and easier. They can identify problems such as interruption to blood supple or an infection fast and efficiently. It makes a doctor’s job easier and patients wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money just to check their health condition.

The invention of the Smart Bandage can reduce the $500 million cost of chronic wound care in Autralia. The lead inventor of the Smart Bandage, a Monash PhD student and CSIRO materials scientist known as Louise Van Der Werff mentioned that by weaving the fibre in to a bandage like shape will enable clinicians to detect and identify the temperature across the wounded area and its surrounding tissue. By comparing the colours found on the fibre with a calibrated chart, clinicians can determine the state of the wound and can immediately treat the wound without any help of other types of machine whatsoever.

The Smart Bandage medical gadget itself can save the trouble of using electronic equipments commonly used by doctors and clinicians and it will also save a lot of money for the patient. With the Smart Bandage, patients can also self diagnose problems themselves.

[Source: FreshScience]