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CS500 Tour de France Cycling Computer

July 10, 2011 by  
Filed under Cycling Gadgets

CS500 Tour de France


Polar have released a new bike computer with a Tour de France theme. If you want to ride like Lance Armstrong then it’s important that you look like him too, with this cycling gadget you are definitely going to look the part. The important data to measure during cycling is distance; speed, heart rate, and power, with the Polar Tour de France CS500 all your bases covered.

The Polar Tour de France CS500 is designed with a yellow side panel which reflects the winner of the race in the Tour de France. Aside from the look of this bike computer what makes it better than what is available currently? Well firstly the data displayed on the screen is large so that at any stage during cycling you can process the data and make race changing decisions. Secondly, the Polar Tour de France CS500 does not contain small buttons like other similar cycle computers. Instead to select or navigate through options the left or right hand side of the whole computer is pressed. Both these reasons indicate that the designers of this cycling gadget are cyclists themselves and know what is good and what is not.

The feature for monitoring heart rate is interesting it can display beats per minute (bpm) or as a percentage (%) of your maximum heart rate. Specifically it allows heart rate-based calorie counting to provide a more accurate representation of workout.

With so many cycling computers available in bike shops these days it is a difficult decision picking a winner. Although the Polar Tour de France CS500 has many features that make it a good choice it lacks some of features that cyclist demand. What about a GPS tracker? Hopefully in the next version they will include this feature and make it suitable for an even larger percentage of cyclists.

Polar Tour de France CS500 Video

[Source: Polar]

Golfscape GPS Rangefinder App

July 10, 2011 by  
Filed under Golf Gadgets, iPhone Apps

Golfscape GPS Rangefinder app


If you are a golfer, then downloading the Golfscape GPS Rangefinder app to your iPhone is a wise move as you can get the distance reading, as well as know the hazards location. This means, you can now play amazingly, as blind shot is no longer an issue as long as you have this great app to use.

You see, the Golfscape GPS Rangefinder app is the perfect solution for golfers with handicap and wants to play golf effectively. The many feature of the app gives golfer the advantage over other players that does not have this fine app, as they cannot identify the potential hazards that users of the app can easily know by simply using the Golfscape app.

Come to think of it! Knowing your position is easy as checking the app and best of all you can even choose the possible landing area and see it using the real 360-degree view feature. As said before, you can easily locate the hazards using the position indicator by simply using the iPhone to view the targets and hazards.

Golfscape GPS Rangefinder app


The Golfscape app also comes with readable font, so reading the details is not a problem. Additionally, you can assign layup distance and if you are wondering about new course know that data is loadable for free by using Golfshot. For iPod users you can check out your handicap and scorecard as well.

The Golfscape GPS Rangefinder app comes with 40 mapped target on a per hole basis and also 37, 000 courses across the globe just waiting to be access by the app user.  By the way, there is no annual or subscription fee to use the app, as all you need to do is download the app to your iPhone. Additionally, you can decrease your battery life fast when you use the GPS on a standby mode throughout the game.

The Golfscape GPS Rangefinder app is also the winner for this year “Apple Design Award” making it indeed a cooler app.

[Source: iTunes]

Vea SPORTIVE Training Watch

July 5, 2011 by  
Filed under Sport Gadgets, Watch Gadgets



Our watch gadgets category has been neglected recently, not because we don’t like writing about watches more likely that there has not been any great developments lately. Today we seen a watch featured on Engadget that we had to cover, it is called the Vea SPORTIVE.

The Vea SPORTIVE is a watch that the designers claim will revolutionize the world of training whilst wearing a watch. Typical uses for a wearing a watch whilst doing a sport could be when a person is running and wants to check their overall time or split times. Some sports enthusiasts may just like to know the time and don’t demand anything more from a watch. Either way current watches advertised as sports gadgets just allow for timing but the Vea SPORTIVE has a lot more to offer.

Firstly, it can measure the pulse rate of the user wearing it. This is important so the user can monitor their own rate allowing them to decide whether they can exert themselves a bit more if their pulse rate is still low or to reduce their effort to bring their pulse rate down to an acceptable level. Secondly, the Vea SPORTIVE allows for playing of music. I presume this gadget would be banned during competitive sports after all you don’t want to be concentrating then all of a sudden being disrupted by someone running past with Lady Gaga belting out of their watch. Finally, the sports watch offers all the important functions that you would expect on a training watch such as speed, calories burnt, and total distance.

Other basic features of the Vea SPORTIVE watch is a camera, 1.5” touch-screen, Bluetooth, 8GB data storage and an SOS button that was requested by the community to which the developers managed to integrate. This function is especially useful should you come into trouble when you are out on the run by yourself. The SOS button sends out your location and specific data making your easier to find. All this for the price of $578 in July, increasing to $722 by September.

[Source: Vea Digital]

Power Dive Power Snorkel

July 4, 2011 by  
Filed under Outdoor Gadgets, Sport Gadgets

Power Dive Power SnorkelYou love being underwater but never had the chance to do more than snorkeling. There is nothing more thrilling than the sensation of being in the underwater world and enjoying the company of the fish and other sea creatures.

How would you like the chance to go even deeper than the surface of the ocean without having the spend lots of money on diving lessons and diving equipment? Well, with the Power Snorkel, you can do just that. The best thing is that the Power Snorkel is battery operated so you can go up to an hour on this alone without the use of oxygen tanks.


Like you, I yearn to enjoy a deeper underwater experience without having to worry about the safety aspects of diving so this is perfect for me. Enjoying my time by the sea side has never been this much fun!

The best thing is that two people at one time can share the Power Snorkel so you’ll never be wanting for good company even underwater. Buddy up with one of your family members or friends and enjoy the sights of the underwater world of up to 6 meters deep.

Of course, we are dealing with Nature so you do need to be careful with the Power Snorkel when using it. Make sure you read the instruction manuals properly and follow the safety guidelines given. Other than that, it is very simple and straightforward to use. The Power Snorkel retails at $2,495 which you might consider rather expensive. However, being able to spend a few hours splashing about underwater is priceless, don’t you think?

Lower Your Handicap with the iPing Golf Putting App

July 3, 2011 by  
Filed under Golf Gadgets, iPhone Apps

iPing Golf Putting App iPing Golf Putting App


Ping is a distinguished company within the sport of golf. Many people do not know that it is a family owned business first started by Karsten Solheim. Historically Karsten was unhappy with his putting or more likely his putter and started work on a club himself. After a while Karsten developed a putter which made a “ping” noise when a golf ball was struck and that is where the company got its name from. Nowadays, Ping is renowned for its innovative products and quality golf gadgets.

The latest offering from Ping is the iPING Golf Putter app. This is an iPhone app for golfers that tracks and calculates a Putting Handicap (PHcp).  Keeping a track on this data allows golfers to monitor their putting performance when changing grip, putter club, stance, gloves or any other variable.

Ideal for beginners up to experts, a PING cradle (available from Ping retailers) must be purchased along with an Apple iPhone 4 or 4th Generation iPod Touch.  Once you have these items it is just a case of downloading the app for free from iTunes.

iPING Putter App Features:

  • iPING motion sensing technology tracks swing of the club by user.
  • Analyzes impact angle between golf club and ball to improve mechanics.
  • Classifies a users stroke rotation, this allows for combining the right putter to the golfers swing.
  • Measures the pace of swing which allows improved control of the club and therefore the putting.
  • Compares your stroke with friends or even tournament professionals.

Just to clarify the iPING Putter App requires the PING Cradle to work correctly; this can be bought for $30 from Ping retailers.  Also the iPING Putter app can only be used to improve the putting game as opposed to drives, chips, iron shots, etc.