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Never lose your cell phone or keys again

October 6, 2010 by  

Mint Gadgets > Cell phone Gadgets > Never lose your cell phone or keys again

Cell Phone Watchdog


This year’s winner in the “Best of Innovations” category at the 2010 International CES show was The Cell phone Watchdog. It’s definitely a gadget I will be purchasing as I can totally relate to the problem it attempts to prevent. Specifically, whenever I am going anywhere I always take my keys and my phone, however the amount of times I forget one or the other is unbelievable.

The Cell Phone Watchdog aims to prevent this by using wireless technology to sound an alarm when your cell phone and keys are more than 30 feet apart.  The technology being used is Bluetooth, when both the keys and cell phone are within 30 feet then the nothing happens, however separate the two more than 30 feet and the key ring comes alive by vibrating, beeping, and flashing its LED light. These signals act as a warning, i.e. you are about to leave one of them behind, however this still does not help you if you tend to forget both your keys and cell phone.

One extra feature of the Cell Phone Watchdog is that it doubles up as a panic alarm, simply use the settings and an autodialer can be initiated when the panic alarm is set off. Powered by Lithium-ion battery, the poker sized unit can last up to two hours talk time or three days of standby time.


Price: $59.95

Buy the Cell Phone Watchdog at Hammacher Schlemmer




One Response to “Never lose your cell phone or keys again”

  1. BlackBerry Case Fanatic on March 9th, 2011 9:00 am

    I rarely forget my cell phone but do forget to grab my keys often. Being that I can’t start my vehicle without the keys, I usually don’t get far before realizing. I guess this could be beneficial being that most people carry their keys and cell phone together and would ensure that you always have the two with you.

    I just can’t justify the 79.95 price tag though. Don’t really understand the “two hours of talk time” either. Does the unit allow you to talk into it somehow? Let me know if I missed something. By the way, a reoccurring reminder in your cell phone calendar could help remedy this issue (assuming you could remember to set the reminder).

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