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Swivel Socket 6 Outlet With Surge Protection

March 16, 2013 by  

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Swivel Socket 6 Outlet with Surge Protection



Swivel Socket is the perfect answer for tangled cables and cords and solves the annoying problem of protruding wall plugs, power supplies and transformers that just don’t fit behind furniture and desks and other tight places.

This swiveling 6 socket power strip is convenient and simple to use anywhere you need to clean up tangled power cords and solve that aggravating problem of not being able to move your desks and furniture flush against the wall. The Swivel Socket 6 Outlet power strip helps you clean up the protruding wall socket mess anywhere, in your living room, office, bedroom, garage, work shop, and behind furniture. It makes is easier to install electronics that you have everywhere in your home and office. And the perfect solution behind your home entertainment system.

The Swivel Socket is simple to use and quite clever actually. Once you plug in your electronics and devices, the power strip sockets swivel 90 degrees to move the protruding plugs and transformers out of your way and off to the side. No more protruding plugs and transformers that stick out too far and prevent you from moving your furniture more flush against the wall.

And the Swivel Socket 6 Outlet Power Strip comes with built-in surge protection so you can safely protect your expensive electronic gear from power surges and jolts of electricity. After all, most people use a power strip with some form of surge protection so the Swivel Socket wouldn’t be very useful if it didn’t also provide built-in surge protection.

The Swivel Socket easily turns your two wall socket plug into six. The Swivel Socket is the perfect replacement for bulky power strips which are expensive, create too much clutter and result in tangled power cords all over the place. Here’s a much better way to streamline and organize your power cords.

The revolution 90 degree pivot sockets are ideal for creating more space behind kitchen appliances, instantly providing more room on your kitchen counter tops. With Swivel Socket, now you can easily push back chairs, couches, tables, desks, and other furniture flush against the wall when you rotate the bulky cords and plugs to the side. What a welcomed space saver, it really works great!

See the picture below to see how effectively and easily Swivel Socket will solve your power cord clutter!


Swivel Side Socket With Sockets Rotated 90 Degrees

Swivel Socket 90 Degree Rotation

Swivel Side Socket Product Features

  • Protective surge protector specially designed for home entertainment systems.
  • Electrical rating, 15 amperes, 125 VAC, 1875 Watts, 60 Hz.
  • Compact swivel design allows power sockets to sit discreetly behind furniture and appliances.
  • Surge Protector rated for 2100 joules, provides 5-Star protection.
  • 2 indicator display lights alert you to current power status and activated surge protection.
  • Dimensions: 3 inches wide, by 5 inches high, by 3.8 inches deep.
  • Limited connected equipment warranty covers up to $300,000
  • The 90 degree swivel socket strips make it easy and convenient to insert and remove power cords.
  • Now you can triple your socket space (from 2 to 6) and clean up that tangled cord clutter in your home, office, garage, bedroom, and living room.
  • Perfect solution lets you finally push your furniture flush against the wall.
  • Turns any 2-socket outlet into six outlets.
  • Very affordable, less expensive than most power strips.



Price: $13.86

Buy the Swivel Socket 6 Outlet with Surge Protection at Amazon


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