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Klini Sound Wave Chair

May 16, 2008 by  

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Klini Sound Wave Chair


This unique reclining chair by Klini is the result of many years of research. It features sound, vibration, and guided imagery to relax individuals suffering from depression, stress, phobias, and general aches and pains. The manufacture claims one hour deep relaxation in this recliner chair is as a good as eight hours of sleep.

The sound and vibrations are provided by a combination of base mounted stereos and thumper speakers strategically situated around the chair to provide maximum comfort and relaxation.

Utilizing Hemi-Sync sound technology and specially designed chakra tones this combination liberates your inherent resources syncronising brain wave activity to provide maximum leisure.

Check out the video below for information regarging Hemi-Sync Sound Technology


There are two types of upholstered leather recliner chairs available, the mock leather retails at $2995, and the leather one is $4300. There are four choices of colour available, chocolate, creme, navy, and moss green.


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