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The Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler

May 30, 2011 by  

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The Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler


Now if you have not trained your dog to fetch you a beer from the fridge like in the film Shooter or you don’t own a dog, then this gadget could be for you. It is called the Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler.  This party cooler is able to travel over hard surfaces such as patio and laminate flooring along with softer rugs and carpets to deliver a beverage just when you need it after a hard day at work.

If you are having a party or a few friends round then you can also impress them, simply pull out the Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler and surprise them when this drinks cooler rolls in, guaranteed to make them jealous. The drinks cooler is able to accommodate 12 cans or bottles along with ice to keep them chilled. It can be controlled with a remote control up to 40’ away and can go in four directions; forward, backwards, left or right.

The remote controlled rolling beverage cooler is made of water-resistant vinyl that provides excellent insulation to keep things cool for long periods. The unit can support up to 22lbs of drinks and ice and is powered by a single 9-volt battery and six C batteries.

Available: Hammacher

Price:  $69.95

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