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iTrem App Monitor Patients with Parkinson Disease

July 5, 2011 by  

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iTrem App Monitor Patients with Parkinson Disease


iPhone is well known because of the many things that the mobile device can do, which seems to be endless if we consider the fact that many people continue to develop different things and apps to even make it useful. iTrem is another amazing app to watch out for as this is not just an ordinary iPhone apps since it is useful for those with health problems.

Georgia Tech Research Institute develops the amazing iTrem app for iPhone that could help individual suffering from neurological conditions and Parkinson’s disease to monitor their health by using the tremors that comes from the hand and arm for data gathering.

iTrem app uses the accelerometer in iPhone that is already built-in to collect data of patients even when they are at home or office. The collected data gathered afterwards is sent to the medical personnel responsible to analyze the patient’s info. The advantage of iTrem app if you have a neurological condition and own an iPhone is that you can monitor your condition without going to the hospital to get check, which can be very costly and time consuming.

Take note, the iTrem app is useful for caregivers and their patients, as they can monitor the condition of the latter even if they are not together. In addition, since the app is downloadable as soon as it hits Apple iTunes store then it further becomes helpful, as the app is definitely cost effective and convenient to use.

iTrem apart from being a great app for people with neurological condition it is also design for users to connect socially with friends or other people as the program also let people share data, pictures and stories.

At the moment, iTrem is still undergoing clinical study for FDA approval but the developer of the app hope to include the app to the Apple iTunes store, later of this year.

[Source: Modern Health Talk]


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