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The Practice Green Putt Returner

March 30, 2011 by  

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The Practice Green Putt Returner


This practice putting golf gadget is used by more than 150 PGA professionals which is probably enough to convince any amateur golf enthusiast to buy one. However, before buying one please read the rest of the post to see why it’s so good.  The gadget is called the Practice Green Putt Returner and does exactly that, returns the ball after a putt has been made. Currently when practicing putting, a golfer will use a single ball, and after each shot return for the ball whether it goes in the hole or not before making another shot. This repetitive nature is both time consuming and boring, never mind the constant bending of the back to pick the ball out of the hole.

The Practice Green Putt Returner solves this problem by using a mechanical ball return device to return the ball whenever the ball lands in the hole.  When the ball lands in the hole the device comes alive, catapulting the ball out of the hole approximately 14 inches. The golf gadget is powered by 4 AA batteries which should return the ball 12,000 times before a replacement set is required.


The Practice Green Putt Returner


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