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New Range of Bravia HDTV introduced by Sony

March 6, 2011 by  
Filed under Home Entertainment Gadgets

Sony Bravia HDTV XBR–LX900


If you are looking to buy high definition televisions this season, you  can rely on the  Bravia HDTV range from the house of Sony. With the advent of time, high definition televisions have turned out to be the latest trend. If you want to watch 3D images which provides you with a whole new experience, these televisions can provide you with just what you are looking for.

The latest series of high definition televisions which have been rolled out by Sony has been named as XBR –LX900.The resolution provided by the television is quite high and you can enjoy the privilege of watching it.  The total length of the measurement of the screen goes up to 60 inches. The television is unique in every way as it provides you with Wi Fi and Internet connectivity.

Various internet widgets are  connected with the television and you can log in at your favorite search engines any time.  The television comprises modern technology in the form of LED backlight with the assistance of which the contrast and colors can be controlled. When you are watching television, you may just come across some images which are dark but the presence of the backlight feature brightens them up. You can see the images well with the assistance of this system.

Along with watching television, the equipment also provides you with the opportunity of additional features as well.  The television can be easily connected with a play station 3 gadget and various kinds of interesting games can be played with it. You can download the games from the Internet Widget systems and enjoy them to the fullest. This high definition television set is available to be bought online and you the prices have also been kept as quite reasonable by the brand.  The current price has been kept as $2100.