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Craigslist Mobile App

August 10, 2011 by  
Filed under Miscellaneous Gadgets

Craigslist Mobile App  Craigslist Mobile App


Craigslist is one of the popular sites that started in 1995 in San Francisco, well known as the best-classified listings online. It is founded by Craig Newmark as a nonprofit company, but believes to be worth $10 million in the business community.

These days, if you own an iPhone or an iPod you can download amazing and useful apps. In fact, it is highly recommended that you do as you can definitely benefit from these apps. The Craigslist Mobile app is one of the most effective and practical app that you can download to your mobile phone or music device.

If you visit Craigslist online a lot then you will surely appreciate the Craigslist mobile app. The app maybe designed with a simple interface, but you can expect the features to help you. After all, the app allows you to search, browse, post and even reply to the actual website, incase someone commented or inquired about your advertisement.

The Craigslist Mobile app built with the most sophisticated mobilizer to ensure that the webpage of Craigslist will fit into an iPhone screen satisfactorily. In addition, if you wish to post ads without going online to do it, know that you can with your iPod or iPhone easily.

Furthermore, you do not need an account with craigslist just to post, as there is no need for it. Actually, you can still browse, search and do a quick review of all posts if you like, and since you can view the photos thumbnail there is no reason to wait until you are in the office or home to do it.

The Craigslist Mobile app supports the United States and major countries, and since it is possible to download it to your iPod and iPhone enjoy using the app as much as you like. Save yourself the trouble of opening your desktop or laptop, when you can just take out your phone to use Craigslist.

Buy the Craigslist Mobile app at the iTunes Apple Store