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The Laser Guided Pool Cue

August 7, 2011 by  
Filed under Sport Gadgets

Laser Guided Pool Cue


It is impossible to play a game of billiards well without putting in a lot of effort and time, and it is a game that needs a lot of practice on your shots and accuracy. So, it is always easier with a little help for newbie’s to perfect their shots. The Laser Guided Pool Cue is just the thing for you, as it can make your aim better and give you more precise shots.

The Laser Guided Pool Cue is a regulation sized cue, with a laser which is turned on by a touch sensor. With the guide of the visible yet harmless laser, you can line it up with pinpoint accuracy. So, it will significantly improve your shots and help you get the game of pool faster. The touch sensor in the cue can be set to be switched on and off manually, or to automatic on-off mode so that you can preserve battery life. The 58” cue come in 2 pieces, and boasts a secure microfiber grip, as well as an aluminum joint and ferrule. This quirky pool cue is powered by three 1.5 volt batteries. It comes with six on your purchase.

Besides, with your purchase you will also get 2 tip scuffers, 2 pieces of chalk, and 3 replacement ferrules (leather-tipped). You can also bring along your laser cue as well as other equipment around with the nylon carrying case included in the package. It zips shut and comes with a shoulder strip which also doubles as an accessory pocket.

Available: Hammacher

Price: $129.95

Buy the Laser Guided Pool Cue at Hammacher Schlemmer

Vea SPORTIVE Training Watch

July 5, 2011 by  
Filed under Sport Gadgets, Watch Gadgets



Our watch gadgets category has been neglected recently, not because we don’t like writing about watches more likely that there has not been any great developments lately. Today we seen a watch featured on Engadget that we had to cover, it is called the Vea SPORTIVE.

The Vea SPORTIVE is a watch that the designers claim will revolutionize the world of training whilst wearing a watch. Typical uses for a wearing a watch whilst doing a sport could be when a person is running and wants to check their overall time or split times. Some sports enthusiasts may just like to know the time and don’t demand anything more from a watch. Either way current watches advertised as sports gadgets just allow for timing but the Vea SPORTIVE has a lot more to offer.

Firstly, it can measure the pulse rate of the user wearing it. This is important so the user can monitor their own rate allowing them to decide whether they can exert themselves a bit more if their pulse rate is still low or to reduce their effort to bring their pulse rate down to an acceptable level. Secondly, the Vea SPORTIVE allows for playing of music. I presume this gadget would be banned during competitive sports after all you don’t want to be concentrating then all of a sudden being disrupted by someone running past with Lady Gaga belting out of their watch. Finally, the sports watch offers all the important functions that you would expect on a training watch such as speed, calories burnt, and total distance.

Other basic features of the Vea SPORTIVE watch is a camera, 1.5” touch-screen, Bluetooth, 8GB data storage and an SOS button that was requested by the community to which the developers managed to integrate. This function is especially useful should you come into trouble when you are out on the run by yourself. The SOS button sends out your location and specific data making your easier to find. All this for the price of $578 in July, increasing to $722 by September.

[Source: Vea Digital]

Bicycle Spoke LED Light

June 14, 2011 by  
Filed under Cycling Gadgets

Bicycle Spoke LED Light


It is not safe to ride a bike after dusk because the chances of you getting into an accident is higher and the oncoming vehicles won’t be able to see you if you do not have any reflectors. Well, reflectors might not help as much because reflectors only reflect when the light is shone upon your bike or your safety vest. You might get hit by a car by the time the driver sees you on the road. Reflectors are just not that safe, so that is why there is a device which will make you more visible on the road and it is called the bicycle spoke LED light. This device definitely makes biking at night safer.

The Bicycle Spoke LED Light basically just slips into your bicycle spoke and it can be turned on with just a tiny squeeze. There are two modes to choose from that is the steady mode that doesn’t flash and then the flashy mode that flashes. As you cycle through the night, your wheels will be covered by flashing lights or steady lights and it alerts other oncoming drivers that you are near. You can choose from two different colors that is amber and blue. It is very easy to install, it is weather and shock resistant and fits perfectly into any bicycle spoke. The LED light uses a 2 x 2016 3V Lithium battery.

This cycling gadget is only sold in a single unit so you’ll have to buy two if you want it for both wheels. Retail price is about $7.99 each. This is an awesome safety device that allows you to look like those bikers in Tron the movie!

Available: Thinkgeek

Price: $7.99

Buy the Bicycle Spoke LED Light at ThinkGeek

LCD Digital Counter Jump Rope

May 18, 2011 by  
Filed under Sport Gadgets

LCD Digital Counter Jump Rope


Some people are getting more concerned of their health, and are taking steps to improve it through eating right and sneaking short exercises into their hectic schedule. Others are searching for a way to lose weight effectively with the least cost. Research has shown that rope skipping is one of the most effective and cheapest way in which to lose weight.

So, instead of finding time to go to the gym to work out, you might want to try the LCD Digital Counter Jump Rope. This is the type of exercise that you could do to music, and almost anywhere – from the living room of your home, to the open space in your office (during break time of course!). What better way to be healthy and lose weight, you could have convenience in terms of time and place flexibility, and also get to monitor your own progress.

This LCD Digital Counter Jump Rope can be adjusted to a comfortable length that suits you; the maximum length of the rope is 104.3” and weighs only 130grams. The LCD Counter on the jumping rope comes with three buttons that are user friendly, and it monitors rotation as well as the workout time and calories burned.

Besides that, the LCD displays the jump counts up to 99,999, so now you don’t have to keep count of the amount of times that you have skipped. This sport gadget from Grizzly Fitness is ideal for endurance training as well as building stamina.  Now with the LCD Digital Counter Jump Rope, there’s no excuse for you to skip a healthy regime.

Available: Amazon

Price: $29.95

Buy the LCD Digital Counter Jump Rope at Amazon