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Vea SPORTIVE Training Watch

July 5, 2011 by  
Filed under Sport Gadgets, Watch Gadgets



Our watch gadgets category has been neglected recently, not because we don’t like writing about watches more likely that there has not been any great developments lately. Today we seen a watch featured on Engadget that we had to cover, it is called the Vea SPORTIVE.

The Vea SPORTIVE is a watch that the designers claim will revolutionize the world of training whilst wearing a watch. Typical uses for a wearing a watch whilst doing a sport could be when a person is running and wants to check their overall time or split times. Some sports enthusiasts may just like to know the time and don’t demand anything more from a watch. Either way current watches advertised as sports gadgets just allow for timing but the Vea SPORTIVE has a lot more to offer.

Firstly, it can measure the pulse rate of the user wearing it. This is important so the user can monitor their own rate allowing them to decide whether they can exert themselves a bit more if their pulse rate is still low or to reduce their effort to bring their pulse rate down to an acceptable level. Secondly, the Vea SPORTIVE allows for playing of music. I presume this gadget would be banned during competitive sports after all you don’t want to be concentrating then all of a sudden being disrupted by someone running past with Lady Gaga belting out of their watch. Finally, the sports watch offers all the important functions that you would expect on a training watch such as speed, calories burnt, and total distance.

Other basic features of the Vea SPORTIVE watch is a camera, 1.5” touch-screen, Bluetooth, 8GB data storage and an SOS button that was requested by the community to which the developers managed to integrate. This function is especially useful should you come into trouble when you are out on the run by yourself. The SOS button sends out your location and specific data making your easier to find. All this for the price of $578 in July, increasing to $722 by September.

[Source: Vea Digital]